Note: This is the post-jam version of my Mid-Jam 2020 submission (to see the jam version go here!).

A game I made for the Mid-Jam 2020 together with Dr. Wuro in less than a day.

Doors can be opened with keys.

The goal is the exit of the maze, you will need to go through a lot of teleporters in order to get there!

Some teleporters will have levers with the same colors.

Left/Right/Up/Down - Movement

EV3R4 [Programming, Graphics]
Dr. Wuro [Idea, Level Design, Music]


Development log


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Pretty cool little game, nice and simple. Only wish that there were a few sound effects, like when picking up a key, opening a door and entering  a teleport. Yet, still enjoyed it.

Thank you!

I will be experimenting with sound effects very soon.

Sound effects are now implemented (since v0.1.2).